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Ahmed S. Fatta has established his law firm located in Jeddah in 1995. the office include an elite of Saudi and Arab lawyers and consultants with extensive experience in various areas of specialties of local and international legal affairs.



Our law firm is dedicated and highly equipped to meet the challenge presented by a business and legal environment, by our outstanding staff of lawyers and consultants who provide a legislation advices and suitable strategies to assist our clients in developing profitable business in the Middle East. We provide all legal services supported with the most recent researches and studies as well as the latest information tools and communications 


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Tel: +96626600500


Cel: +966555515644

Ahmed Fatta Law Firm

​Al-Nassar Center Building

#8742 App#102 King Fahad St.P.O.Box 52538 Jeddah 21573

Saudi Arabia




News & Publications

The Firm actively promotes its client’s success, identifying new business opportunities as well as devising and implementing appropriate legal strategies. Through its diversity of experience and far-flung geographical presence and contacts, the Firm is uniquely equipped and positioned to assist multinational clients in developing profitable and sound Middle East business.


Understanding and successfully penetrating Middle East markets requires the guidance of experienced professionals familiar with and well connected in both the Western and Local communities. The Firm’s professionals provide the legal interface between local and foreign laws and customs which this convergence of traditional and modern influences requires.

Areas of Practice

Labor Law​


Commercial Disputes Settlement​


Intellectual Property Rights 


Companies Establishments and Joint Venture​




Real Estate Law​​​​​


Governmental Law


Industrial Investments


Foreign Investments


Litigation and Arbitrtion

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